Transdisciplinary artistic projects that explore the (syn-)aesthetics of digital art and the relationship between audio and visual.

Xylophone Light

A fascinating project featuring an interactive musical instrument that can read color of the real world to give users both visual and musical experience through light and sound. Created by Hyo Shin Bae, the device can read RGB values and translate them into instrumental sounds based on color frequency. Each color has a corresponding musical note. Scrolling over the color purple will change the instrument. A color sensor was used for input, Neopixel Ring and MIDI instrument shield for output.


Jack Coulter’s Synesthesia Paintings

Coulter has a form of synesthesia, a rare neurological phenomenon that causes him to ‘hear’ colour, resulting in a sensory overload that he finds both draining and beautifully enriching. His paintings will grab you by the throat and demand your attention. They are vivid, visceral and often inexplicably unsettling.


Synesthetic Sensory Stimulation with Ryoichi Kurokawa

Japanese artist Ryoichi Kurokawa generates mind-blowing performances through the unification of audio and visuals. Music is the basic component of his work. He creates visual patterns based on the concept of treating audio and video equally, forming a single unit. Since 2003, Kurokawa has been creating “concerts”.