Elena Mirò


Conceptual designs for different collections of the Elena Mirò brand. Website, “Digital Closet” Web App, UI/UX Design, 3D Graphics & Visualizations


Elena Mirò has three very distinctive lines – ForMe, White and Elena Mirò. The main objective was to showcase each collection’s differences while maintaining a smooth transition throughout the site. Also key to the development of the UI/UX was Elena Mirò’s brand values – which includes strong one-on-one relationship between customers and retail staff.


A darker color palette for the “ForMe” collection contrasted nicely with the clean minimal white design for the “White” collection. The interactive “Virtual Closet” App helps to drive traffic from online to on-site at retail and also serves as a personalized communication tool between the sales staff and customers. Key functions include: creating outfits through drag and drop, saving favorite looks, making reservations to try on new arrivals at nearest store.

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