Good design is the most powerful ambassador of your brand. I have dedicated the past 12 years to gain the expert skills, knowledge and experience necessary to be a stellar Graphic Designer. My process for transcending your ideas into fruition is by truly getting to know your business. I strive to design and craft ideas that resonate and astound.


After working for advertising firms, creative agencies and luxury fashion brands for over a decade, I decided to pursue my dream by taking the entrepreneurial leap. I offer a source for small and large businesses alike, to gain the tools necessary to successfully promote their brand. Although I am based in Milan, both my local and international clientele are always only a chat or Skype call away.


Creating and promoting your brand can be really fun. I love the entire process from brainstorming to launching a website – from selecting typography and paper textures to publishing the book. It is really important for me to understand your business as much as I can before I even start designing. If you have a project that needs some TLD (Tender Loving Design) feel free to drop me a line 🙂

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